Missing Supervisor

Location: Laurentian Experimental Mine

At 6:10 this morning a rock burst was recorded on the 1500 level at Laurentian Experimental Mine. After security injected stench, one supervisor last seen working on the 1500 ramp was unaccounted for. Mine rescue was called and Team One and Team Two arrived on site, with Team Three on route. Team One was sent down to locate the missing person with Team Two on standby.

While Team One was on route, changing atmospheric conditions were reported indicating a diesel fire. Team One located the casualty unconscious in a crashed Toyota. Smoke was coming from the hood but no flames were seen upon arrival. Team One successfully fought the fire and immediately applied oxygen to the casualty. He was treated for c-spine and loaded for departure. A fall of ground blocked Team One from returning to the shaft station. Team One began entrapment procedures and Team Two was immediately released.

Team Two arrived at the FOG and set up timber sets to support the ground. Team One was recovered and both teams returned to surface safely. The supervisor was passed on to the EMT and Team One was monitored for hypoxia.

Briefing Officer: Euan Davey

Team One Team Two

Captain: Jacob Laitar Captain: Brenna Greenwood

Two Man: Deanna Dobson Two Man: Reid Murray

Three Man: Connor White Five Man: Johnathon Leroux

Five Man: Tommy Adair

#MineRescue #OMR #Student #LUMR #Rockburst

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